I Need A Soldier

Well, you’re looking at a new member of the U.S. Army (the National Guard to be exact). Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be doing this. I guess all the things I’ve been through have brought me to this point in my life. Fast forward to me going to the recruiting office to sign up. Did that. Done. I had to travel to Charlotte for processing and my physical (I’ll spare you my embarrassing moments with the doctor lol). Not long after that, maybe a week or two, I was headed to my first weekend drill.The first day was on my birthday! Can you believe that?? Luckily I spent time with my family before I got picked up. When I tell you I got a major SHOCK!! when I arrived..Oh my gosh. I was absolutely terrified. I wanted to go crawl in a corner and hide forever. The drill sergeant got in my face a few times. At this point I was ready to hit anyone lol. The workouts felt like death, especially the one-mile run I had to do my last day at drill. During that three-day weekend, multiple times a day, I wanted to cry, quit, and leave but I didn’t because I knew I had to continue. My thoughts included :”This isn’t for me”, “I don’t want to do this”, “I’m not built for this”, “This is NOT me”.  One of my biggest fears is that it will interfere with my trying to accomplish some of my other goals; achieve some of my other dreams in the future. I just wanted to know that this could be one of the best decisions I could ever make. That’s what I kept hearing from the people in charge. I know this will help my pay for school and give me a leg up in life. I know this will help me grow exponentially as an adult and give me a new prospective. My original plans are pushed back further but it’s okay. I hate feeling behind but I know it’s for the best. All I need is continuous strength and motivation to get me through this. UNIVERSE GIVE ME STRENGTH AND GUIDANCE!! I know that once the people who didn’t think I could do something like this see me growing and doing well, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of me; they’ll come running just to see where I’ve been…

                                                               To Be Continued..



New Season Of Change

As the new season comes, spring into action. Don’t allow yourself to be on a hiatus any longer. Jumpstart your life, start chasing after the things most close to your heart. As you think of those things and your heart starts to beat faster, you know that is what you should be after. Feel it deep within you. If you’re still breathing then there’s still time. It’s a new season for new dreams, new opportunities, and new improvements to your life. Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Besides, the hard times are golden because they all lead to better days. The good days are sure to come!



Today Could Be The Day

It’s a good day. It’s a beautiful day, to start somewhere, to start something new. This could be the day where everything changes if you want it to be. If today isn’t the day, that’s okay. Keep smiling, be patient. No matter how many times you may fall just keep getting back up. Everything will be just fine. If there’s no one rooting for you, root for yourself; be YOUR number one fan! Hey, I’m rooting for you because I love you! It’s totally fine with loving yourself and wanting to further yourself. Think, speak, and write whatever it is you want into existence. But whatever you do, make sure it’s something truly close to your heart, something that you truly desire to do/have in this life. Believe, have faith, have hope. Remember that somewhere in the world, the sun is shining..


Happiness: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I can’t explain it. The past few days I’ve felt really good. Of course I had my moments but overall I’m much more happy. I can’t help but feel like something good is about to happen and I’m so excited to find out what it is! Something’s telling me that a door of goodness, joy, and opportunity is surely opening soon; life is only going to get better. I smile and laugh more. I enjoy things, I enjoy my days and nights. I’m learning to block out all the negative emotions and thoughts. The past does not worry me anymore, I’m only focused on the future. I’m okay with not manifesting exactly what I want right then and there. I tell myself that it’s fine if it hasn’t happened yet. But I always remain grateful. I continue to smile and put my intentions out in the universe. My hope is strong, my faith is strong. Happiness is on its way into my life. Besides, the best is yet to come, right?


You Are The Best You

Be the best that you can be. There’s only one you. Good things are coming for you. Things might be slow right now but that’s okay, but always finish fast. Just keep smiling, keep a positive mindset, keep your head high. Forget about all your troubles, worries, and all the negativity. You are strong. You are amazing. You are a beast. You are important. Someone is rooting for you; someone is proud of you. Be proud of yourself for coming this far. Give it your all. Don’t stop until you get whatever it is that you want. Even when you have it, keep going. Aim high, the sky truly is the limit. This isn’t the end…


Note To Self – Choose Life

Today, I choose to be happy. Be grateful, Be joyful. Everything is alright. I must learn to be patient. Take a step back and take deep breaths. In due time, all things will make sense. Never to focus on how and when things will happen, never to let my fears take over when something doesn’t happen right away. I must know that what I want is on its way and that I need to detach myself from the situation. I’m learning to keep my thoughts in a good place and be conscious of them. Of the things I’m wanting to attract, keeping my vibrations up is key. Writing when I can, smiling even when I don’t feel like it.  I need to get back on track with my emotions and remember the way I felt when I saw things finally manifesting before my eyes, how happy I was. Note to self – stay positive, stay focused, and choose happiness. Life is good.


Spoken Dreams

Practice, focus, work. We can speak whatever we want into existence. The things we are constantly think about or what will manifest before our eyes. Ask for whatever, with good intentions, and it will be given to you; ask often. Visualize and know it will be given to you just at the right time. Will it into existence. Most of all, BELIEVE.